What is Slime Cup?


It’s all about the SLIME CUP! Every kid wants it, but only one team can win it… and we’re not just giving it away!

Standing in the way are off-the-scale crazy challenges, splatacular spills, and unspeakably OTT tasks, guaranteed to get teams covered head-to-toe in slime.

Fifteen teams of two will enter the SLIME CUP arena and face challenges that will stretch them to their slimy limits!


Meet The Hosts

Jack & Kira

Jack and Kira are the stars of the hit Nickelodeon show The Thundermans. The prank-loving pair hosted Camp Orange: Twisted Siblings in Australia in 2015, and are ready to put a fresh batch of Aussies kids through their paces.

Jack and Kira will be in the SLIME CUP studio, breaking down challenge attempts and giving their own brand of SUPER funny commentary along the way.

Kristy Best

Kristy Best is the ultimate on-the ground- presenter! In 2016, she received her doctorate in on-the ground presenting while working on shows SLIME CUP, SlimeFest and Crash the Bash!

Kristy will be challenge-side throughout the series, offering encouragement, commentary and getting awesome team interviews when it matters most.

Beware the Slime Squad

Faceless, graceless and obsessed with unleashing mess, these white-suited, cray-cray cronies are the master-miners of slime. They’re silently wreaking havoc behind the scenes on every challenge, every slime spray, guaranteeing that SLIME CUP is 1000% slimier than ever 100% of the time.